Trichotillomania Freedom Consultation Session (VOIP CALL)

“This session has helped me enormously. It made me realize what I had done wrong all those years trying to control this behavior (and failing constantly) and how to correct it. I CALL IT THE SECRET BEHIND MY SUCCESS. If you struggle with this behavior, plan this session and do everything they ask you to do. It has helped me quickly move towards freedom afterwards and I know it can do the same for you.”



We love to HELP YOU OVERCOME TRICHOTILLOMANIA and change your life for the better.

And after many years of helping people with this, we came to A VERY IMPORTANT CONCLUSION:

“Most people who struggle with Trichotillomania follow an approach that is simply not effective to control this behavior!”

Their intentions are great, but THE ESSENCE FOR THIS BEHAVIOR, the build-up of the urge for pulling (which happens subconsciously) is seldom properly addressed.

Also, learning to overcome this behavior can be very personal and often requires a tailored approach.

Helping you change your approach can make all the difference, like for many people we helped.

Or in other words:

“Change your strategy » Change your results!”

Helping you discover how & where to change your current approach for a more effective one is what this session is all about.

During an audio or video call with one of our experts you will learn first-hand:

(You choose if you want to use just audio during the call or also video, both options are available.)

* What it ACTUALLY takes to free yourself from this behavior (most people get this completely wrong);

* Answers to any personal questions you may have regarding this behavior or things you struggle with;

* Two crucial behavioral factors that often keep people stuck for years and how to change these in 15 minutes or less;

* Plus we will assess and advise what can help you best to create a BREAKTHROUGH towards freedom from this behavior.

The call itself will last approximately 60 - 90 minutes, depending on the nr of questions you may have.

It would also be ADVISABLE TO HAVE A PRIVATE ROOM AT YOUR DISPOSAL DURING OUR CALL where you cannot be disturbed by others.

So you can fully concentrate on the most important person that matters during this session, being you :).

Simply press the ’YELLOW SELECT BUTTON´ below to schedule this complementary session to help you on your way towards freedom!

With kind regards,

Rik van Bastelaar - Founder of Getting Better for treatment of trichotillomania.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)